4 Trends for the Advertising and Marketing Sector

Business4 Trends for the Advertising and Marketing Sector

In the midst of the global economic crisis and the various activities that the market faced in 2022, it was possible to notice to what extent the advertising sector faced challenges, but managed to overcome itself in terms of investments in the region. This is due to the fact that, according to a survey published in September by IAB Brazil – the association that represents the country’s digital advertising market – investments in this sector totaled R$ 14.7 billion in the first half of this year, registering an increase 12% compared to the same period in 2021. .

Therefore, it is necessary for brands to be prepared regarding the trends of 2023 so that they can stand out in a proper way. Thinking of all the movements in this sector, Yahoo Brazil compiled the main points that will increase this year in the advertising and digital marketing market.

For Daniela Gallego, Head of Sales at Yahoo Brazil, it is essential for companies to be aware of market innovations so that they can capture the attention of consumers and retain them in the long term. “For this, it is important to be aware of what the trend will be in the coming months so that we can take a step forward in their sectors,” she says.

Was Cookieless

For Yahoo, 2023 will be a big move in the search for solutions without identifiers (IDs), since this will be an increasingly closer reality for brands, especially since the end of cookies is scheduled for 2024. For Therefore, the company believes that brands should ideally invest in purposeful strategies to stay connected with their audience, while ensuring the trust and respect of customers.

“Given this scenario, it is imperative that consumers are aware of how companies use their data so that they think that way about this relationship and are willing to share their information for a personalized service experience. When all parties are respected, everyone ends up benefiting”, explains Daniela.

Yahoo also understands that as the advertising ecosystem moves away from cookies (and privacy laws evolve), advertisers and publishers need solutions that help them reach audiences in relevant and meaningful ways, even without identifiers. As a result, in this period, it’s only natural for brands to embrace comprehensive strategies that don’t rely on identifiers.

Connected TV Growth

When talking about digital advertising, it’s important to consider the extent to which technological advances have helped brands with their campaigns and ads. The growth of Connected TV (CTV) is an example of this, especially since with the important development of this sector this year -in addition to the advancement of transmission services-, in 2023 it will face the challenge of aggressively measuring the audience.

In addition, some functions such as “Data Decoder” and “Automatic Content Recognition – ACR Technology” (abbreviation stands for Automatic Content Recognition) will be more and more in demand.

By performing a qualitative measurement of the information, it is possible to contribute to the optimization of the campaigns, allowing to understand and provide advertising frequency between linear television and CTV strategies. After all, managing the rest of the digital action on these frequencies, as well as demonstrating -by analogy- that the return on investment (ROI) has been achieved, will allow greater security for future advertising pieces.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is on the rise

Digital Out-Home (DOOH) has seen explosive growth in recent years, especially as consumers are more willing to engage with immersive advertising. With its omnichannel concept, DOOH allows, with the help of software means, unique purchase journeys for customers, linking personal communications between all corporate channels.

“We have indications that brands are beginning to invest in DOOH as a way to create authentic connections with consumers,” says the CEO.

Brand reputation in the digital environment

As technology advances, talking about “safe” practices is very essential as companies need to think about their strategies when running advertising campaigns. For this reason, the company realizes that it is very important that brands that operate in digital environments bet this year on the security of their content.

To do this, organizations that want to stand out in 2023 can invest in brand safety practices, working with strategies to ensure that their content reaches their target audience in a safe and transparent way.

Overall, Yahoo is betting that 2023 will be a promising year with great opportunities for brands, especially in terms of digital advertising and marketing strategies. I think this is the perfect time for companies to invest in this sector. With these tips and the efforts of organizations to create real connections with consumers, I am sure that success will be assured”, concludes Daniela.

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