8 Tips for Traveling by Car With Pets

Travel8 Tips for Traveling by Car With Pets

Traveling by car is always a challenge for moms, dads and pet owners. With this in mind, Turbi, a 100% digital pet-friendly car rental company that allows you to travel with pets in the car, has put together eight tips to make car trips with pets, especially dogs, safer, healthier and more comfortable for everyone. .

First of all, it is important to know the rules of the Brazilian Traffic Code, which does not allow animals to be transported on the lap of an occupant of the vehicle, in the trunk or in the back of vans. Such situations are considered violations and are subject to fines.

So how do you transport your animal properly and safely?

The app provides a pet kit in all your cars with all the essentials for traveling with your friend, especially since this is a very important grooming job. With these tips you can enjoy the weekend or vacation with your four-legged friend.

Required Equipment

To take your pet with you on a New Year’s trip, make sure you are safe. Choose to have a transport box or chair appropriate to the size of your animal. Also check if a conventional seat belt is sufficient or if an extension is needed.

Turbo’s fleet, which today numbers more than three thousand vehicles, has a protective cover for the rear seats and a special seat belt in all cars. This equipment allows the driver to use the vehicle in accordance with traffic laws, avoid fines and protect your pet.

Get used to your pet

If your pet is not used to traveling by car, don’t think that she will enjoy a 5-hour drive. In these cases, it is best to take short trips by car so that he gets used to it and associates the car with a good experience. How about taking him for a walk in the park or some other place he really likes?

Consult a vet

When you are thinking of traveling with your pet, the first thing you should do is take it for a check-up at the vet. It is important to see if your friend’s health is in good condition, as well as to check if the vaccinations are up to date. And do not forget to inform yourself about the important medications to take on the trip and the dose to be administered, if necessary.

Having a first aid kit while traveling and staying out of the traditional environment is great and can prevent suffocation.

Vaccination Card

After complying with the previous item to keep the vaccination up to date, now just remember to bring the vaccination card with the bags. Thus, if a highway guard decides to stop you on the way, there will be no complications.

Identification Panel

Nobody likes to imagine that one day they could go through a horrible situation of losing their pet, but we have to be prepared just in case. Therefore, it is necessary to place an identification tag on your pet’s collar, containing the name of the pet and the telephone number of your contact. Therefore, the chances of him coming back to you faster are much higher!

Plan the trip well

When you are with an animal, it is not enough just to decide where you are going to stay and visit, it is also necessary to plan stops along the way, so that it can walk, urinate, eat, after all, they also have your needs.

Keep him on a leash during the stop so he doesn’t run away or have an accident.

Pack your Pet

Have you packed your suitcase yet? So it’s time to pack your pet bag!

Keep a first aid kit handy for your friend in the car, in case he gets dizzy, for example. It is also important to have water and food so that you can eat and hydrate at the stations, as well as bags to collect the droppings that you do at that time. Another great tip is to bring him a bone or toy to distract him on his way.

Pay attention to the temperature of the car.

is everything ready? After everyone gets into the car and during the trip, pay attention to the temperature in the car. If it’s very hot, the animal may be panting and needing to drink more water, causing them to stop to urinate more often. However, if you leave the air conditioning on and cool the car, it will make it uncomfortable during the trip, as well as making it sick. Calibrate the temperature according to the well-being of all.

Oh, and open glass is bad for your friend too! Wind can irritate a dog’s eyes and ears, for example, not to mention that allowing him to stick his head out of glass is extremely dangerous and can’t be done.

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