An Increase in the Number of Friends Brings only Benefits.

LifestyleAn Increase in the Number of Friends Brings only Benefits.

When you are young, it is very easy to make friends. They just have a few common interests, which could be a band, a movie, a place to go. But as time goes by, finding new friends becomes more and more difficult. After the age of 30, new friends can be counted on the one hand.

Why is that? Some studies suggest that this is a result of our schedule, which always seems to be busy with other commitments. There is no time for new friendships. In addition, the new friendships of mature age are usually different from those of youth – and, as we have said, they are usually based on closeness. As we get older, we are more selective, so it takes longer for superficial friendships to become intimate.

It is important to emphasize the importance of friendship in the mental health and well-being of people. Friends are a strong support network at all times, whether in times of need or to share daily tasks. Friends also give a sense of protection that we don’t usually find in our family. That is why many people often say that friends are the family we choose.

A study by University of Pittsburgh Katz School of Business associate professor Peggy Liu, published in July in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that people underestimate the number of friends they like to remember. She and her team conducted 13 experiments, involving more than 5,900 participants, to get a sense of how people imagine how much friends value stronger connections and types of interactions.

In all 13 trials, those who initiated the contact significantly underestimated how much the gesture was appreciated. The connections between people who have not communicated recently have been particularly strong. Calling, texting or emailing a friend just to say hello may seem like a simple and uniform commitment, but it’s a very good one for the recipient. The study didn’t include social media contacts, but there’s no reason to think a message via Facebook or Instagram is any less important.

If you want to strengthen relationships with friends, send a letter or phone. It will benefit you and your friend. If you want to increase your circle of friends, here are some tips: use the Internet to find groups with the same interests as you; Know yourself, because the more you know yourself, the clearer you will be about the people who will join you; give coworkers a chance, get close to them; Lastly, pick some hobbies. When you’re done working as a group, you can help him find new friends.

Take advantage of the fact that we are at the beginning of the year and make it your goal to increase your circle of friends for December. Surely this will only bring benefits to your life.

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