Basic Rules for Organizing your Freezer

LifestyleBasic Rules for Organizing your Freezer

Improving the organization of the freezer helps save space.

As with lockers, when storing food in the freezer, the rule of thumb is to leave the ones that expire first, usually the ones already in storage, on top. And the ones with a longer expiration date (often the ones you just bought) are at the back.

Keep in mind that the freezer door is the warmest place. So it’s not the best place to leave ice cream, for example. There are less allergenic foods, such as chopped spices or ice cubes.

If frozen at home, place the mu label in an easy-to-read place or write with a special pen on the container. Select the food and the date it was prepared.

Ziplock bags are very useful. They act as space-consuming alternatives to organizing bins.

Freeze single servings or enough for a meal. Small packages are easier to store than large packages.

When your freezer is full, one way to make room is to get rid of boxes of store-bought frozen treats. Label the product with the product name and expiration date beforehand.

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