Discover How to Sell More Through Social Networks

MarketDiscover How to Sell More Through Social Networks

Social networks have become synonymous with the Internet for many people. They are so present in the daily life of Brazilians that companies use them as a way to get closer to the customer, personalize the purchase and create viral content.

According to Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2022 report, 53.2% of young people prefer to use social media to search for brands. Consumers are becoming more aware of the content that companies produce to create a more innovative and unique shopping experience. Directly, this ends up improving business results.

The first concept businesses of any size, especially small ones, should consider is social commerce. This is the strategy of using social networks as a sales channel to reach new customers. This is a strategy that many small business owners still lack.

This trend seems to be increasing and will become a growing bet for companies. According to Statista, market forecasts indicate that the global volume of this type of sales will be around 2.9 trillion dollars by 2026, explains Beatriz Milani, marketing specialist at Eshopper, a market comparison tool that analyzes the shopping trip. on-line.

What makes social commerce different?

It is important to note that the great difference of this purchase channel is the ability to personalize the experience and the ease with which users complete the purchase process. The big draw is investing in platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok.

According to a study by We Are Social in association with Hootsuite, Brazilians spend an average of 3 hours and 31 minutes per day on social networks. This is a high average time to consume content and ads, so many brands have already understood the importance of competing for a few seconds with these consumers.

“Because of the possibility of segmenting the ads according to their target audience, companies can find their customers who are ready to buy and also personalize their content according to consumers, always prioritizing short videos and high-quality images,” says Beatriz.

Tips for You to Use in Your Business

Social commerce has gained a lot of momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic, as consumers have started to shop more online and seek more convenience with their shopping experience.

The expert Beatriz Milani breaks down some tips to implement this strategy in your brand:

  • Adapt the content to social networks, making browsing easier and more efficient;
  • Create shareable content;
  • Take advantage of the exposure of the brand to retain the audience;
  • Create special conditions depending on seasonality;
  • Publicize exclusive events and discounts to the public of that network;
  • Always use metrics to monitor results and adjust based on consumer needs;
  • Improve the usability of all channels so that the customer always has a unified and positive experience.

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