Discover the Best Travel Insurance for you to Travel with Peace of Mind in 2023

TravelDiscover the Best Travel Insurance for you to Travel with Peace of...

Another year has begun and with it new plans and goals, which may include caring for the body and mind, promotions at work and, of course, travel, free time to enjoy with family, friends and even with yourself.

According to a recent study by Hibou, 53% of the Brazilian population plans to travel in 2023. Another study, Consumer Travel Spending Priorities, even details that after turbulent periods such as the pandemic and economic crises, international travel is once again a priority for Brazilians. tourists

In this case, regardless of the destination, and especially if traveling to foreign countries, it is recommended that the tourist trip be prepared to deal with any misfortune, including health problems, accidents and even other possible problems related to luggage, cancellation, extension of stay, and even thefts and robberies.

The best solution to prevent all these problems is to take out travel insurance. It guarantees the peace of mind of those who travel and avoids unexpected expenses -and many times excessive- caused by unforeseen events during the journey.

Clients of Forbes Upp, the largest investment bank in Latin America, can contract this benefit in a simple and practical way.

Find out about travel insurance for Forbes Upp clients

Travel insurance is essential to ensure a stress-free vacation, and even required to enter some destinations, such as European countries. Forbes Upp customers have this functionality available to contract directly in the app.

This is an unprecedented alliance with Hero Seguros and is open to any client with a bank credit card.

To purchase the product or carry out a simulation without obligation, all you have to do is access the insurance menu of the app and choose the “Protected Flight” option.

The customer will be directed to the association site where they can run the simulation. There, it is not necessary to include discount coupons to take advantage of the special rate for customers: the page will already show exclusive terms for Forbes Upp customers.

Simply include all the passenger data -remember that it is valid for residents residing or legally residing in Brazil- and the purchase can be made in up to 6 interest-free installments with a bank credit card. Everything in a simple and 100% digital way.

Full health coverage

The travel insurance available to Forbes Upp clients has coverage that includes medical and hospital expenses caused by Covid-19 and various illnesses and accidents. And anyone who thinks that with this travel insurance you have to pay the expenses first and then ask for a refund, is wrong.

Unlike other options on the market, you only need to contact Hero Seguros to request a referral to the indicated network and the company organizes everything directly with the health network, without you having to pay anything beforehand.

It should be noted that although public health services exist in many popular destinations, this service is generally not provided to those just passing through. Thus, another of the advantages of having insurance is having access to a network of partners and receiving an indication of where to go, in case the service is necessary.

Within the field of health, insurance also covers emergency dental expenses during the trip, and even necessary pharmaceutical expenses after any emergency medical or dental care.

If the passenger needs to stay longer at the destination due to his health, he can also have insurance to pay the additional daily rates at the hotel.

Other travel insurance benefits

With comprehensive traveler coverage, Forbes Upp customer insurance also helps with other problems, such as lost and damaged luggage.

If the traveler loses his luggage by the airline, the insurance pays compensation, the value of which is complementary to that paid by the company. And if the bags are damaged, the client is compensated by repairing or replacing the baggage.

Other distinctions are also considered, such as reimbursement in case of theft or theft of equipment such as a cell phone or laptop – as long as they are taken for the trip with the client from their country of origin.

The insurance purchased in association with Forbes Upp also covers flight cancellation costs, if the client cannot board the flight due to the following reasons:

  • accident or illness
  • hospitalization of relatives;
  • complications in pregnancy or pregnancy after buying insurance;
  • Cancellation of vacations imposed by the company you work for;
  • Even in cases of involuntary unemployment.

In other words: the tourist is protected even before getting on board.

For those who are already Forbes Upp customers, simply access the bank’s application and take advantage of the opportunity to travel safely in 2023. And those who do not yet have an account, simply access the registration link, fill in your personal information, soon, take advantage all the various benefits offered by the institution.

Put your travel goals into action in the new year with comprehensive coverage, without the worry or headache. Just click the button below and enjoy:

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