Lime Green Looks: This is the Color that will be in Fashion in Streetwear this Spring

StyleLime Green Looks: This is the Color that will be in Fashion...

After the Bottega Verde fever, it is the turn of lime green. Street style dominated by color at the recent Paris Fashion Week. Don’t confuse it with neon green! Lime green has a very open tone, but it doesn’t quite reach that neon fluorescence. I mean, it’s easier to use because it’s not “here I am.”

Don’t know how to incorporate spring color into your look? Get inspired by the street style design. We notice that they use lime green in three ways: 1) monochromatic: that is, the entire production is in the same shade; 2) color blocking: the combination of complementary colors, such as green + pink; 3) Discreet tones: It is worth wearing a green piece and the rest of the look gray or brown, for a more discreet trend result.

Color Blocking

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