MEI is the Main Space for Dialogue Between Industry and Government on Innovation

InnovationMEI is the Main Space for Dialogue Between Industry and Government on...

The Mobilizing Entrepreneurship for Innovation (MEI) Program will be 15 years old in 2023. The group, coordinated by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), brings together about 500 companies and leaders from all over Brazil to discuss and propose actions in the field of science, technology and innovation. One of the main objectives of MEI is to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the country.

“We have made a special effort to increase the number of participants from different regions of the country in the mobilization of companies for innovation. The idea is that the movement has a greater representation and expresses the wealth and pluralism of the national and Brazilian industry “, says the CNI. President Robson Braga de Andrade.

The meeting of the Committee of Leaders of the MEI was held on Friday (25), at SENAI Cimatec, in Salvador. The president of the Confederation of Bahia Industries (FIEB), Ricardo Alban, participated in the opening, welcoming the executives.

The result of this effort is that 45 companies have joined MEI this year. Among them, there are companies from Ceará, Pernambuco, Paraná, the Federal District, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Santa Catarina.

15 years of expression

Ultrapar’s president, Pedro Wongtschowski, has been making MEI performance history for 15 years. He noted that MEI’s work led to the creation of Embrapii, an agency to promote and invest in innovation. He also highlighted the establishment by the CNI and SENAI of a network of 26 SENAI Institutes of Innovation and 60 SENAI Institutes of Technology spread across all regions of the country.

In addition to the executive branch, MEI has developed a constructive relationship and association with the National Congress and strengthened the alliance with the scientific and technological community and its representative entities,” Wongtschowski commented.

For the future there are important challenges, underlines the Executive. Wongtschowski argues that companies and governments should focus their attention and invest in health, food, energy, climate and defense security. “To do this, we need advances in education, scientific and technological research, research and development, innovation ecosystems, business training and worker qualification.”

In the morning, other important topics were discussed in panel discussions and speeches:

CT&I policy: the main strategy for the future of the Brazilian industry

Coordinator: Luciano Coutinho, Professor at Unicamp

Franklin Madruga Lozis Jr., Vice President of Innovation, Transformation and New Business, Microsoft Brazil

Marco Antonio Branquino Jr., President Director of Cabling and Fabrics Cedro e Cachoeira

Luis Carlos Afonso, Embraer Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Corporate Strategy

Environmental Innovation: The Brazilian Industry Agenda

Moderator: Bernardo Gradin, President, GranBio Investimentos

 Horacio Piva, member of the Klapin Board of Directors

Pedro Luiz Barreros Passos, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Natura

 Andre Clark Giuliano, Senior Vice President, Siemens Energy Latin America and Vice President, Siemens Energy Brazil

 Antonio Carlos Lacerda, Vice President of BASF for South America

Open innovation to accelerate industry competitiveness

Uzi Schaefer, CEO of SOSA

Sergio Almeida, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Sign agreements in MEI

Cooperation Agreement between the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean – Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

The agreement aims to lay the foundations for a joint action aimed at promoting and disseminating science, sustainability, technology and innovation in Brazil and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

CNI – CNPq Technical Cooperation Agreement

The agreement will promote joint actions to support the implementation of future editions of the National Innovation Award (PNI). Essentially, the innovative researcher of the new class, which will be launched in the eighth edition of the PNI, is collaborating.

Contract for the Provision of CNI – SOSA Services

The contract for the provision of open innovation services with SOSA proposes, within the framework of the agreement with Sebrae nº 44/2022, to mobilize and expand the access of small, medium-sized and large companies to innovation ecosystems of international reference and innovation programs open.

Memorandum of Understanding NATIONAL SENAI – SIEMENS DO BRASIL

The MoU aims to contribute to the development of procedures for the training of professionals who are capable of meeting the requirements of companies in the areas of digital transformation and sustainability. The association provides support for the search for technological solutions to increase the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry, such as training, discussion forums and information exchange on technological trends. The agreement also contemplates the application of these technologies in SENAI’s laboratories and in projects developed by SENAI’s Innovation Institutes.

EMBRAPII Memorandum of Understanding – Finnish Companies

The memorandum aims to implement joint actions in favor of the competitiveness and international insertion of Brazilian and Finnish companies. This initiative is the result of the visits made by the immersion program in innovative ecosystems implemented by MEI.

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