PearlCore? Learn all About the Pearl Trend that Promises to Rock in 2023

StylePearlCore? Learn all About the Pearl Trend that Promises to Rock in...

At the end of the year, you have a mission: when you go to visit your grandmother for Christmas, ask her if she happens to have any pearls left, because they promise to be one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022.

It was Pinterest that sent the message, which publishes its trend report for the approaching New Year each year. One of the highlights of him when it comes to fashion was pearls, that is, pearls in Todenho. But don’t worry: we are not talking about pearls only in their most classic forms, but through new compositions that flirt with the nostalgia and creativity that Gen Z loves so much.

One of the most famous accessories in the history of fashion, pearls appeared in a somewhat strange way, through the reaction of mollusks when perceiving the threat of external invaders, as a defense, they pierce the shell and hide. in his cloak. Thus, they involve the parasite with a liquid called mother-of-pearl which, when it completely takes over the invader, forms a kind of wart that will give rise to the pearl we know today. An important detail: this process can take from six months to five (!) Years.

The Roman ruler Julius Caesar rarely specified pearls as accessories used exclusively by the nobility. A century later, Coco Chanel would immortalize pearls as one of the most elegant garments of all time, using them in her own products, but also taking them to the catwalks of the brand.

Often challenging what menswear can be, artists like Harry Styles and A$AP Rocky have had pearls as one of the most exciting accessories in their production in recent years, influencing the new generation to add a touch of nostalgic and elegant in its style. aspect.

The Stones’ involvement in red carpet looks has become more prominent in 2021, with Gen Z stars like musician Machine Gun Kelly covering his face in pearls on the Video Music Awards red carpet, and the actress of “Euphoria”. , Barbie Ferrera, who graced virtually every Met Gala best-dressed list with model Jonathan Simkhai covered in pearls.

Now with over 32k search results on Tik Tok, Pearlcore is here to stay. According to the aforementioned Pinterest report, searches like pearl dresses, men’s pearl necklaces, pearl rings, and even party themes that are stone-themed tend to grow and abound on the platform in 2022. The accessory is timeless and creativity for this trend should be too. . Many more to come!

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