The Company Created 44 Years Ago in SP bills R$ 1 billion with air conditioning and solar

EnergyThe Company Created 44 Years Ago in SP bills R$ 1 billion...

The Leveros Group began as an authorized service provider for Brastemp in Assis, in the interior of São Paulo, in 1978. After 44 years and some business changes, today the company offers solutions in the air conditioning, refrigeration and solar energy sectors. and earning Rs 1000 crore by 2022.

The company has a wide network of service providers, responsible for 60% of sales, three distribution centers and six commercial units to supply more than 40,000 products per month.

For Tiziano Bravato Filho, CEO and son of the founder, it is expected to double in size in four years. Among the growth strategies is the creation of Leveros franchises, a project that is already under development.

How the work was created

The founder Tiziano Pravato started the company under the name of Gelo Som, offering the Brastemp Certified Maintenance Service in Assis, in the interior of São Paulo, repairing stoves, refrigerators and other electrical appliances.

In 2005, he bought the Multi-Ar brand, and has been selling his products through e-commerce since 2007. As his operations expand, in 2010 the first distribution centers are opened in Brazil.

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In 2016, the company received investment from the private equity manager 2bCapital, with the aim of professionalizing and expanding the business. The following year, they changed brands, taking the name of Leveros.

The direction of the company changed in 2018, when Tiziano Bravato Filho took over as CEO. In the same year, a partnership was signed with B2W and Magalu to sell air conditioning installation services on their respective portals.

Focus on service providers

The company’s main objective is to provide assistance and training to the network of service providers, which is responsible for 60% of air conditioner sales.

“We work so that everyone wins, that is why we offer the best services to our clients, at the same time that we contribute to the development of partners and service providers. Today we have more than six thousand professionals spread throughout Brazil”, says the CEO.

In 2019, Leveros created its own after-sales and service platform to operate the trade of tested products in Brazil, using its network of external service providers.

Solar energy

In the same year, the company entered the solar energy market, with the acquisition of SolarSou, renamed Leveros Solar, and opened its first concept store, in São Paulo, to serve end consumers. Today, this branch of the company is responsible for 12% of the company’s revenue.

“We have already qualified more than 150 companies for the photovoltaic solar energy sector. We have created a training program for air conditioning service providers who want to enter the new market,” says Tiziano.

Epidemic Growth

Since 2020, the company’s revenue has grown by 75%.

In the most restrictive phase of the pandemic, the Leveros’ focus was on selling to the private market, who wanted to invest in an air conditioner for their homes during the “stay at home” period.

With the reopening, businesses and companies have invested again, which has boosted the company’s growth in recent years.

“We are looking a lot at the resumption of retail trade and the investments of entrepreneurs. We believe that the market has not yet fully warmed up, which guarantees good results also in 2023. In January, our sales already grew by 28% compared to with the same period last year, ”says Tiziano.

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During the pandemic, the Profiz platform was also launched, which aims to develop service providers and partners. Through an app, certified professionals in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries can access features like creating service orders and quotes, and participate in the Professional Qualification Academy and Marketplace.

Expansion Through Franchises

In 2021, the group begins its physical expansion throughout Brazil, opening its first franchise in Salvador (BA). Currently there are three units:

  • Savior (BA)
  • Itapema (SC)
  • Fortaleza (CE), which will open in February

Within two years, the projection should be present in all Brazilian capitals. The initial investment is around R$ 500,000, with amortization in 18 months.

According to the CEO, physical stores are not primarily focused on the final consumer. The space is used for relationship meetings between partner architects and service providers who can see the entire portfolio of the firm. In addition, face-to-face training is provided in stores.

“Our business is not based on physical sales. We have a large network of service providers, e-commerce and presence in large markets. Our franchise is a point of contact and training for professionals in the region”, he explains.

With record results in 2022 and bold projections, Tiziano plans to double its size in the next four years, investing in a multi-channel operation, integrating physical stores and e-commerce. New mergers and acquisitions should also take place this year. Financially, the annual forecast is for growth of 20%.

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