The Struggle of Brands for Attention

BusinessThe Struggle of Brands for Attention

The expert highlights the importance of companies being interested in new forms of digital advertising to position themselves.

In 1968, at the dawn of the Internet, in the song Alegria, Alegria, Caetano Veloso formulated a question that is still very current: “Who reads a lot of news?”. Almost 60 years later, in the midst of an information flood, especially due to the increasing diversity of content in the digital world, gaining and maintaining the attention of consumers is one of the main challenges for brands.

Right now, we are bombarded daily with various advertisements on digital platforms, which end up competing for our attention at all times. According to a Think With Google survey, 53% of people who visit a website that takes more than three seconds to load will not stay on the page.

So how should companies compete for customer attention given all this context? First of all, I think it is important for a company to have a dedicated team in this regard to devise strategies, thus keeping the attention of the loyal and potential customers that it wants to win over. Digital platforms, for example, use some resources to retain the interest of users.

Among them stands out AutoPlay, which allows you to start playing a YouTube video without the Auto command. Thus, it is possible to include it on the corporate website, in a press article or branded content, for example. According to the third edition of the WhyVideo survey, carried out by the Ipsos Institute, 75 million Brazilians use YouTube on Smart TV. 90% of them are open to brand ads embedded in videos of personal interest. Already 85% of those interviewed said that video advertising is essential to discover new companies, and 82% of Brazilians say that YouTube video advertising influences them to buy a particular brand or product.

Another way is video ads embedded in mobile games, and in this universe, solutions such as the one provided by Lumen, which are based on predictive eye-tracking models that use artificial intelligence to measure user attention in advertising to which they are exposed while playing. games on their mobile phones Excellent examples.

Therefore, companies must consider the importance of occupying these spaces to attract new customers. So much so that the 2022 Digital World Panorama Report stated: investment in digital advertising in Brazil has already exceeded the R$ 14 billion mark in the first semester and is associated with the increase in the number of people using the Internet in the country, for about 165 million, as it also underlines the need for companies to pay attention to the need to position themselves properly in digital media.

New tools for monitoring user engagement are emerging in various places and this tends to evolve rapidly, positioning engagement as one of the most important metrics to achieve in campaigns. Omnicom’s ad group, for example, uses tools that measure attention in digital campaigns as a way to estimate one impression over another, reduce budgets, and ultimately increase ROI.

In this way, companies must be increasingly prepared for the new era of digital marketing where persistence is essential to expand their reach. The volume of digital content is increasing every day and user attention has become one of the most important focus points to retain customers and thus increase revenue.

Especially since if the data is considered new oil, interest is still a scarce resource. That’s why companies are interested in attracting and maintaining the attention of users, either on networks or in your campaigns!

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