With a deficit of 30%, the CVM Competition is a priority for the Municipality

MarketWith a deficit of 30%, the CVM Competition is a priority for...

In response to FolhaDireda, the SEC talks about the CVM bankruptcy and reveals a 30% deficit in its personnel.

The offer submitted by the JSC is treated as a priority by the current leadership of the JSC. In response to FolhaDireda, Autonomía spoke of the need for a new selection.

According to CVM, there is currently a 30% shortfall in the organization’s personnel. However, the positions with the highest number of vacancies are not disclosed, but it is understood that the positions required for selection are priority.

“It is a priority to carry out a public tender for the institutional evaluation mechanism, since it is necessary to estimate the value of the autonomous government personnel, there is a deficit of 30% in the institution’s personnel, complying with this demand is the main aspect of the the administration’s current executive agenda,” he said. CVM for Folha Direda.

Also according to the CVM, after the completion of its last contest, in 2010, whose call was valid for four years, the vacancies for the positions of inspector, analyst and executive agent were covered between 2011 and 2014.

Since then, the municipality has been asking the competent authorities to carry out new tenders. However, to date, no new notice has been allowed to be issued.

In this sense, he said, the Capital Market Authority has sent a new request for public bidding to the competent authorities, with the aim of approving it this year (2023).

The aforementioned request aims to cover 127 vacancies in medium and high positions.

Of this total, 50 vacancies have been assigned for the position of Mid-Level Executive Agent, with a starting salary of R$ 7,647.98, including meals of R$ 458.

The application also includes 27 vacancies for inspectors and 50 for analysts. The first profession requires an associate’s degree in any course, while the second profession requires a degree in a specific field.

At the recent CVM competition, opportunities were opened for graduates in accounting, human resources, archival, and library science. Both positions have a salary of R$ 19,655.06, including food allowance.

The boss says that up to 1,200 vacancies must be filled

With only 127 vacancies remaining, the CVM’s jurisdiction will not initially cover the self-government cadre.

According to the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Joao Pedro Nascimento, the CVM has about 400 people, including employed and retired people.

However, to do the right job, Nascimento indicated that it would be necessary to have two to three times the current number of employees, approximately 1,200 new employees.

“The CVM staff is very qualified. The team is excellent. I need more people […] I already have a deficit of 30%, compared to the number of staff I should have. I needed, at least”, said President Joao Pedro Nascimento. With a good job, the number of servers I have today is two or three times more.”

See how the last CVM competition was

The last CVM contest ended in 2014. That is, since then no new effective employees have been incorporated. This can only be done when a new notice has been approved.

Selection open in 2010, and includes 150 vacancies for the positions of inspector, analyst and executive agent.

In the case of the analyst, the opportunities were distributed through the following careers: accounting, human resources, archiving and library science.

Organized by ISAF, the candidates were evaluated through objective and written tests. Study materials vary by education.

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