With This Cooler Keep the House Warm and Save Energy

LifestyleWith This Cooler Keep the House Warm and Save Energy

Portugal is one of the four worst countries in Europe in terms of thermal comfort at home, with 18.9 percent of people saying they cannot keep their homes warm during the coldest months of the year. This Eurostat data was announced in 2021, but the reality has not changed.

With the most expensive light of 2023, and the cold that remains in the coming months, Thermor leaves some tips to heat the house and spend a comfortable winter, without a huge increase in the electricity bill.

Do the math before buying a heating solution. Often, “cheap is expensive.” Cheaper equipment may be less energy efficient, or even not have enough power to heat the intended space, that is, they must be plugged in longer and consume more energy. Find an innovative and efficient solution fully customized according to the size of the space you want to heat and your needs.

An efficient system is not enough to save electricity. If the house has structural problems and heat loss is allowed, the bill will always be higher. Check that your doors and windows are insulated and invest in thermal curtains. Oddly enough, a home with the right drapes and rugs also helps maintain the temperature.

What if you could get to a really warm house, with the perfect temperature? If you can, invest in Home Automation, because the benefits go beyond comfort. With an app, you can turn appliances on and off and optimize all management to maintain a constant temperature and reduce temperature fluctuations that then need to be compensated by heating equipment. You can also, easily and quickly, schedule and adjust the use of the equipment according to the hourly rates, ensuring that the equipment works in the periods in which the cost of electricity is lowest, that is, at night. Therefore, the most efficient management saves the environment and your wallet.

In terms of energy efficiency, it should not be winter outside and summer inside. Thermor recommends an ideal winter temperature of 21 degrees. It is desirable that the temperature be balanced, that is, that it does not make us feel cold or hot. To do this, we must take into account several factors, such as the outside temperature and the relative humidity of the environment, which directly affect our thermal sensation. To avoid wasting energy, the thermostat should never exceed this temperature.

Portugal is the country of the sun, even in winter, if only for a few minutes. The sun is a wonderful source of free heat. Whenever possible, open the blinds and blinds during the day, take advantage of the greenhouse effect and let the sun naturally heat the house.

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